sailing now

sailing now

so close to your shore.


when first the chart was drawn

I don’t remember seeing

these rocks and shallows

between my battered boat

and you.


then it was

a fair wind on the sea.

gulls and mermaids danced for me

as I set sail

and nothing blocked

my breezy passage

to your beach.



within reach,

I am scuppered.


throw a rope

or wade out amongst

these salty teeth,

take my prow,

guide me home.


photo and poem by clinock.

15 thoughts on “sailing

  1. A photograph? Wow… at first glance, I thought it was a nice painting. It was the sadness felt reading the beautiful words of your poem that drew me back for a second look.


    1. thanks so much Nancy for your kind comment – haven’t visited you, or others, in a dog’s age – will get there – life is so full of callings sometimes…


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