one time

One Time. 8" x 6". Acrylic and mixed media on panel. (Mix med #9)

one time

in a lifetime

of a thousand years

a prospect of purest


an idea of beauty

embracing all,

an arching light

rises bright

on distant horizons

and one time

offers only

one chance

in its hands

to be a part

or be apart,

so he runs

with all of his might


through a twilight

of isolated colour

into an ever

narrowing angle

of possibility

until he is down

on his knees,

then prostrate

before the goddess

of one time.


mixed media painting and poem by clinock.

11 thoughts on “one time

  1. Love the ‘sequel’ or repetition of the running man….Is what is possible divided away from him…receding? The mood he runs in has no words but he is surrounded by words. Ornate calligraphy at his ankles…from the goddess of one time?


  2. Thanks Steven, your comments are always perceptive and insightful. What is possible is divided from him but not forever for the goddess of chance calls from across the gap and gifts him, as you observed, with her calligraphy of hope…


    1. Only 64 – just a young-un yet! I think you’ve already done so much Carl – bringing smiles and laughter to so many on your blog – what more could you need to do?


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