Please You

Please You_2

Please you.

Please me.



from the chess game

with Time,

the fall of the cards

and the testosterone

of the mother board

the grim eye never blinks

and never pleases;

the stripped man runs,

but never arrives,

pleasing his desire,

but getting nowhere fast,

and the banner’s warning light

pleases only

low flying dreams.


Please me.

Please you.


Through the beautiful mess

of smouldering

and suspended animation

the totem bird topples

but cannot fly

to anyone

and everything hangs

on the edge of motion,

drawn by nature’s laws

to please you,

to please me

but frozen in eternal stasis;

a clock without hands,

a river of ice

and the solitude

of endless space

beyond the stars.


mixed media painting and poem by clinock.

20 thoughts on “Please You

  1. Please You could be a pop song title but a pop song with eternal stasis and a warning light. A song which is a painting which is a chess game with time. Almost like a neon world he’s running through (or trying to). Running, perhaps, to please?


  2. I really responded to the narrative bits; especially this image of the “testosterone / of the mother board.” I also enjoyed the repetition of “please me / please you”–really went hand in hand with your painting.


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