inside looking out -4-

Box 4

he doesn’t know


that he is


looking out.

lost it,


something broke

forever and now

he passes time

etching his flesh

with ragged fingernails,

distorting his face

against windows

mouthing silent

tangled syllables

and wet abuse

to all

who pass by.


/poem and art by clinock / art: sculpted and painted clay heads in windowed box / each head approx. 3 inches high /

box 1-2

This series is based on the shared stories and personal experiences of people I work with in an art studio attached to a mental health facility. I express what I have heard as both fact and creative metaphor.

19 thoughts on “inside looking out -4-

    1. “We’ve gotta have a great show, with a million laughs… and color… and a lot of lights to make it sparkle. And songs – wonderful songs. And after we get the people in that hall, we’ve gotta start em in laughing right away. Oh, can’t you just see it… ?”
      — Judy Garland, “Babes In Arms”, 1939.
      Couldn’t resist Carl! Thanks so much for your very generous words. Actually it so happens that this box will be in a local exhibition from tomorrow….


  1. I’m curious on your take of my latest post (I know, it sounds like a plug, but I really am interested!).

    Inside, outside. When it ‘breaks,’ does it matter? I’m not too sure anymore.

    Curious about the narratives that were shared which led to this poem and sculpture.


    1. Billimarie, hello. I read your latest post once, however it is many layered and magical and I want to read again and again before answering. Your question is a good one and like your post the answers are many layered. If it does matter,(and I believe it does), to whom does it matter and why? In my experience, when the ‘broken’ know / feel they are broken they are not at peace and this ‘matters’ to some of us who are less broken and somewhat at peace. One thought amongst many. The ‘narratives’ were related in confidence and creatively reinterpreting them in the poems is as far as I will go on that one….


  2. Wow… each only about 3 inches high? Fabulous! I love art on the small scale, so much detail and emotional espression in limited space.


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