inside looking out -1-

Box 1


through molten sand


for the round world


the square world


mangled perception

of hobbled cells


eyes see only glass


finding and

lost in searching

for more than was given


inside looking out


the box


/poem and art by clinock / art: sculpted and painted clay heads in windowed box / each head approx. 3 inches high /

box 1-2

This series is based on the shared stories and personal experiences of people I work with in an art studio attached to a mental health facility. I express what I have heard as both fact and creative metaphor.

12 thoughts on “inside looking out -1-

    1. Don’t mind in the least Lesley, in fact I welcome it. The source is the human experience of many in our community and to a less frightening extent to us all. The loss of what society considers sanity always evokes a mix of emotions. Thank you for your thoughtful comment…


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