A Case of You (6)

focus 2


move the eye or heart a fraction of an inch

and the whole universe changes

within this gleaming arc.



in moments of inattention brides are stolen,

the careful line smudged

and the pencil broken.



and enchanted by these graphite trails

hopelessly lost

in this curve of dreams.



in rivers of light and sanguine seas

I breathe you deeply

as I swim the night.



the warped familiarity of the room

folds your body into

intricate arabesques.



my arm, hand, fingers and thoughts

curl away into infinity

stretching imagination.



you are trapped in mirrored labyrinths,

not recognizing me

as I search for you.


/ art and poem by clinock /

12 thoughts on “A Case of You (6)

  1. It is easy to become trapped in the labyrinths of this artwork…..it is mesmorizing. Love the way you constructed the poem…….as a series of separate but connected smaller poems. Each like facets of gem reflecting and revealing more truths. Excellent John


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