A Case of You (5)


Sunday Haiku – Between:

everyday magic

she opens between flowers

enchanting this man.


you on a blue raft

between blue sky and sea

dressed in blue silence.


smushing strawberries

between stained lips and tongue

taste my sweet juices.


sweetest summer wine

passed between your mouth and mine

inhaling your eyes.


between us tonight

only a sighing of stars

the scent of lilac.


embraced between lights

shimmering on waves of sun

exciting the moon.


/ art and haiku by clinock /

24 thoughts on “A Case of You (5)

    1. Marina, thank you… Your question, hum, not sure how to answer as not sure how you mean it – metaphorically, technically or personally? Or maybe it’s a zen koan…


  1. There is something extremely mesmerizing about your painting. I’d love to see it in person. Curious colors escaping through the cracks…the in’s, or the out’s? Keeping something out, or holding something in?

    My favorite haiku is the last.


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