another beginning

JC babe

“Dawn points, and another day

Prepares for heat and silence.

Out at sea the dawn wind

Wrinkles and slides.

I am here

Or there, or elsewhere.

In my beginning.”

T.S.Eliot – Four Quartets

This photo is the only one I have of me as a babe – I haven’t changed much, believe me. My crib is a small, clinker built boat made by an uncle.

10 thoughts on “another beginning

  1. I like the look of your new theme…pretty…and what a beautiful babe! I continue to muse about the limited archive that we have of our childhoods when the babes of today are photographed by the moment…posted on instagram/facebook/blogged/written/filmed/youtubed…it’s a strange contrast! This single moment capturing you wrapped in a boat, bears more weight, I think.


  2. Lovely photo , black and white like the past once was . Babies often look like old men I think 🙂 To have a boat as a crib! What a great way to start the journey of life!


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