Ese’s Shoot and Quote Challenge – ‘Beginning’

time may not be all

“What we call the beginning is often the end.

 And to make an end is to make a beginning.

 The end is where we start from.”

T.S. Eliot.

This is my response to Ese’s new weekly challenge. You can find it at:

photo and poem by clinock. (#83 in my ‘The 100’ series)

14 thoughts on “Ese’s Shoot and Quote Challenge – ‘Beginning’

    1. Ah, just read your post Helen and understand your feelings about the energy it takes, especially as you put so much thought and integrity into what you write. I will be sorry if you stop this particular blog – not because I don’t understand why but because the world needs the clarity and criticism you bring through your posts – you may not think it makes a difference but as me old mum used to say: “Every little drop helps said the old man as he peed in the sea”…


    1. Thank you Marina – seemed like the right time to take the plunge – Ese’s challenge prompt was a good segue – glad you like the new theme – felt like making a change all around…


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