Birthday Poem

Fragmented Enchanted

After all is said and done

it’s just a rainbow ‘round the sun,

another ring-toss ‘round a star,

a bear stuck in a honey jar,

an ancient number scratched in rock,

a ticking tap, a dripping clock.

Years pass like apes in papered parlors,

time is their hunger

and we’re all bananas.


What more can be said at another turning?

We grow older and sometimes we grow.

We are so very young.

We move from light into darkness

and back into light.

We come often to the edge

and peer over – encountering ourselves.

We merge our colours with gentle care.

We learn from losing.

We are never quite the same

after we have kissed the sun.

What we have separated before its time

always returns when least expected

to be blessed and clarified.

Each circle brings problems bearing gifts,

each turning is a mirror in which we are reflected

and our reflections are our shining,

and our shining is our love.

Art and Poem by clinock (redux)

18 thoughts on “Birthday Poem

      1. I am basing this on being with lots of very old people when they have been dying and have had it said to me many times.. I think it was more a natural worn out physical tiredness that causes this.


  1. “time is their hunger
    and we’re all bananas” = PURE BRILLIANCE!
    Love the artwork and the poem. Great one.

    Happy B-Day …. has another year passed already?


  2. It takes a long time to become young. /P.Picasso/
    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to celebrate your birthday month with your beautiful poetry and art! …What more can be said at another turning?…


    1. Picasso was wise as well as a master of art – we need the process of aging to carry us back to the truths of youth. “What more can be said at another turning?” Only that “we are never quite the same after we have kissed the sun”, and “our reflections are our shining, and our shining is our love.”
      Thank you for your words Ese…


    1. Lesley, my apologies, when you wrote this comment in July I put it aside in order to think about it…and then…and then…and now it’s December and I’ve found it again and realized I never replied to you…so I’m going to try and hope you forgive my tardiness.
      I rarely analyze or explain my poetry or my art and hesitate to do so now, preferring that readers or viewers create their own story and understanding. At the same time I value your question so here are some thoughts that may give some insight, although, more likely will simply add more layers to the mystery…
      …I believe there is a natural flow to life and if we had the patience and wisdom to allow it to be what it will be it will always resolve itself. But we mostly operate under the illusion that we can direct and control and so we ‘interfere’ and separate actions, events, situations, relationships, from their natural flow and before their time in ways we believe to be the right thing to do. However, in my experience, these separated energies will always return to the pattern of the flow they were torn from. This may happen the next day, the next year or the next decade but happen it will. Their reappearance tends to be unexpected but is usually recognized for what they were and are, despite the length of time in-between. Now that they are in our life again like wandering ghosts we must find a way to accept, (bless) understand, (clarify) and put them to rest.


      1. Destiny. Thanks John. It is completely clear now and something I NEEDED to hear today more than anything as I have yet another emergency to deal with – probable stroke for my father-in-law who is 87. Remembering that destiny takes precedent over achievements, wishes and interference with fate is a way of life that I have found to be the least resistant and therefore much smoother than the fight. It is funny though that although I live it, the reminders are always welcome.

        btw – I am working on incorporating lettering and numbers into my new art project – you are my inspiration for that 🙂


    2. very happy it came at the right time Lesley and that you have found some inspiration in my text based work, a great honour for me. I hope to see the results when / if you post them. I’m sorry to hear of your ’emergency’ …my thoughts are with you…


  3. Happy, although quite belated, birthday! I’m reading your Leo series late, as I do take breaks from blogging and blog reading, as real life dictates and time, forever, marches on or slips away.

    The images, art, your poems and words about your sign tapped an old memory of an ancient old crone grabbing my hand with her knarled fingers, a tea leaf reader away from her table on a dark night. She startled me, looked at my hand, then stared at me, said three words and walked away. “Beware the Leo” so reading your posts about strength and sweetness reminds me, that can be a dangerous and mystical combination.


  4. Really enjoyed your story Nancy – could have a number of interpretations! Guess you haven’t met that particular Leo yet – or maybe she meant the period of the Leo sign – or maybe she meant the Leo in you – you can never tell with those ancient old crones…(you can never tell with Leos either!)


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