This is a redux of my birthday painting from 2012 and an edited rewrite from last year’s post:

Today I celebrate that I am still here, living and breathing in this remarkable world and able to look myself, eye to eye, in the mirror each new day. I celebrate being loved and being able to love. I celebrate that my senses are still open to the daily miracle of the smell of beach sand, ocean, flowers, tree sap and grasses – still open to the sight of jeweled stars, meteors falling like angels, the dance of moonlight on the sea and the glorious coastal light filling me with hope and inspiration – still open to the sound of singing, music, the soothing surf, crows, dogs and sirens and the whispers of my love – still open to the touch of wet grass on my feet, a friend’s hug, paint on my fingers, spiderwebs on my face and sun on my skin – still open to the taste of rain on my tongue, wine, tequila and tea, fresh baked bread, blueberries, toothpaste and tomatoes.


There is some angst at the rapid river of time, the ebb and flow of life’s ocean – but I  keep my head above the waters – swimming, emerging, baptized anew and amazed at the wonder of love, friends, beauty and the daily magic of the unexpected.


My walking through time is a meditation, each step bringing more wonders into my heart – I am filled with light and blessed beyond belief.


And light has no weight, / Yet one is lifted on its flood, /Swept high, /Running up white-golden light-shafts, /As if one were as weightless as light itself – /All gold and white and light.” (Lawren Harris)

20 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Hope your birthday was joyous and in this next year the universe is even better to you than you would ever ask it to be. Much joy, John. The painting is awesome of course


    1. “There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents, and only one for birthday presents, you know.”

      Lewis Carroll – and thank you for you Carl…


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