The Lion Cometh (2)

old lion

The following humorous monologue was originally written and performed by Stanley Holloway and read here by Roy Hudd. As a child I loved this, still do.

Green Lion

This series of posts are a celebration of my astrological sun sign, Leo, in  words, images and music…


 Lion sculpture photo by clinock / ‘Green Lion’ painting by unknown artist (Please contact me if you know this artist so I can give credit).

16 thoughts on “The Lion Cometh (2)

  1. Hear Ye….Hear Ye!
    This day (28th July) marks the birthday of one John Clinock Visual Artist, Writer and Teacher of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    We join with people all over the world in congratulating him on this day and wish him the most wonderful year ahead.


  2. I have a very pleasant memory from very early childhood of a house in my grandparents’ neighborhood with two stone lions guarding the front entry pathway. The lion in your photograph reminds me of them, although I’m quite sure the ones I recall weren’t quite so grand, I was just small.

    I really enjoyed the reading “Albert and the Lion.” I’m going to find a written copy to read to my granddaughters. I’m sure they’d enjoy it. Continue on in your celebration of Leo! 🙂


    1. Thanks TWB – I also have fond memories of childhood lions. In England they are everywhere, being a well worn symbol of that country. I’m sure your granddaughters will love Albert – can you read it to them in a northern British accent?


    1. Lions are only unpredictable when poked in the ear, otherwise we know what they want! Humans are, as you say, always unpredictable, except maybe when our children are eaten whole. From this lion to your bull, thank you Ese…


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