The Lion Cometh (1)


Leo is my sun sign – yesterday, at the edge of a full moon, the sun entered the astrological sign of The Lion – always a potent and pivotal force for change, strength and confirmation in my life.

Leo Star

My Leo Star, drawn from the astrological colours given to this sign.

Brit lion

Even though the nature of the  lion is a powerful part of who I am, his domestic kin, the pussycat, is a more present and comfortable spirit to share my days. I waver frequently between both energies. Cats have always been my constant companions but lions have only been close to me in my dreams.

Mr B

This and the next few posts will be in honour of the Lion, in words, images and music…

art and photos by clinock / British Lion painting by L D Luard.

24 thoughts on “The Lion Cometh (1)

  1. Fascinating.
    I do love that Bruce Cockburn song. It was the first song I ever heard by him back in 1978. I remember it well. I had just gotten home late at night. This song came on the radio. And it so captivated me that I just had to sit in the car and listen to the end. I’ve been a fan of his ever since. Thanks for the memory. From a Gemini friend.


  2. John….so now I know your a pussy cat…….that explains a lot.
    I too LOVE Leos/Cats a lot. My wife is one…a Leo. (I am an Aries)
    Cats……so many. Love them ALL.
    And our hearts have just been ripped out by our Two Little Visitors cats who returned to their owner yesterday after over a year with us. Tears, tears, tears. So far even a post has been too painful. But I can see another cat coming into our lives soon.
    Love the post and the insight into YOU. When is your birthday?
    Let the Lion Cometh……again.


    1. Wow, a Leo and Aries partnership – lots of fires igniting your life I’m sure and lots of calls to “put the cat out dear”:) – I remember your Two Little Visitors with fondness and am so sorry for the parting but, as you say, another feline friend will come to you soon, no doubt at all, they always know where to find that special cat energy. My birthday is July 28th. Thanks for the roars and meows Robert – purrfect…


    1. The Sun Lion arrived, appropriately, in the middle of a record heat wave here on the north-west coast – we’ve had no rain for a month – very unVancouver. Thank you for the greeting Marina…


  3. Lovely, I love cats too. Although I have some doubts about the value of astrology, sometimes it is stunning how well the descriptions fit. One of my sons is a Lion (I am Capricorn) and sometimes that shows 🙂 But he also is a pussycat lol.


    1. I’m not deeply into astrology either, however, I do like the symbolism and images…Birthday greetings to your Leo son when his day arrives – I think the Lion aspect grows with age…


      1. He has Leo rising too 🙂 I have Scorpio rising. never saw a real scorpion, but they look a bit like spiders…

        I hope you had a great birhtday.


            1. Lions are straightforward – it’s clear that they simply want to eat you. Scorpions are more subtle – they wait for the slightest movement and then strike. One has little chance running from either – perhaps it’s better just to lie down and play dead…


  4. The one excellent thing that can be learned from a lion is that whatever a man intends doing should be done by him with a whole-hearted and strenuous effort. /Chanakya/ For you being a Lion I think it has come naturally…
    This is your month – Happy, Happy, John!


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