DUETTO (a collaboration) 6

Duetto 6

carnival of life

willingly or not

masks disappear


This is the last Duetto in this series. Thank you again Ese for an inspiring and delightful dance – your haiku brought another dimension to my drawings and I hope my art did the same for your poetry.

Ese’s blog – http://esengasvoice.wordpress.com

14 thoughts on “DUETTO (a collaboration) 6

  1. Wow…and double wow! Powerful works you’ve been creating. I love the colours and lines. I sense a major change in your psyche. It seems filled with joy and exultation.


  2. What a beautiful piece! I too love the colors and movement. This duet has been a joy to behold. Though you say this is the “last” I hope you are inspired to follow this road on your own.


    1. Happy you enjoyed MG and I thank you for your comment. Every duet has to end – time to go solo again and follow a different road for awhile…


  3. Fab John. Your artwork is the Harlequin in this carnival of life. It dances and weaves its magic to the delight of its viewers. Wonderful pairing of image and poem.


  4. Your art is always so thought-provoking and beautiful, with amazing attention to details, John. And I really enjoyed this collaboration – thank you very much for the opportunity!


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