DUETTO (a collaboration) 2

Duetto 2

eternal struggles

lurking shadows under blue sky

purity of a tear


I am deeply honoured and inspired, Ese, for your sensitive haiku dance with my drawings – mille grazie.

Ese’s blog – http://esengasvoice.wordpress.com

14 thoughts on “DUETTO (a collaboration) 2

  1. Wonderful artwork. I don’t know why but the figures remind me of Giacometti’s sculptures – only yours have more “meat” on their bones – almost as if he got together with Umberto Boccioni over lunch to discuss shape and space in sculpture. Love the colors in your work today.


    1. Your comment is greatly appreciated Terry – love the idea of Minimalist and Futurist doing lunch – food for thought in all dimensions – many thanks…


      1. Now how weird is that John. I have just responded to your comment about a Tear or tear on my site to find this comment…..”the purity of a tear”…..on yours. Must be the same “tear” then…..being passed around. That is some collaboration!


      2. not weird at all Robert – just that magic synchronicity and confluence that happens when we tear the fabric of time and space – yes – beautiful collaboration…


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