TIME WARP – 2 Years of Blogging…

Time Warp

July 7, 2011 was my first post on WordPress. Today is my two-year anniversary – feels like a time warp…..

However, this is a timely opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has visited, read, followed, commented and supported me on my two-year journey.

Recently life has intervened and I have fallen very far behind in reading and commenting on my favorite sites – I apologize to you for missing so many of your amazing posts – but have not forgotten you and I am honoured to still be a small, if tardy participant in such a creative, humane, and inspiring community of bloggers.

Time flies like an arrow – Fruit flies like bananas… Let’s Do the Time-Warp Again…

art rat image with pa#10EDE

Love, Art Rat…

11 thoughts on “TIME WARP – 2 Years of Blogging…

  1. Most joyous of blogiversaries John and thanks for the enjoyment and thought you have brought to eye, heart and mind.


  2. Hi John, congrats with the 2 year anniversary! And don’t worry about catching up 🙂 You are always a very welcome reader! Take good care of yourself.


  3. A Big Congratulations John on your 2 years of being an outstanding FORCE in the Blogger Universe ( just the opposite of a small and tardy participant). You have contributed SO MUCH! May the Time Warp continue to leap……..thank you, Robert


  4. Fear not, John! Your contributions are always noteworthy – posts or comments. Life does intervene. I trust it was a kindly act. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!


  5. Cheers and congrats. Looking forward to many more. “It’s astounding…. I remember doing the Time warp….” it’s not so bad “….it’s just a jump to the left….” your posts always give me a “mind flip…and take me through a time-slip.” “Let’s do the Time warp again.” Peace my friend. 🙂


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