Who Am Him Really Anywhy? 1.

Who Am He 1

Self-Portraits from The Archives #1.

He is  –

slowly reabsorbed,

dissolving, vanishing,

cell by cell

into the soil and sap

and dank ridges

of planetary mulch.

He is –

rooting into earth,

forest and self,

evoking dark essences

from altars

of buried temples

and petrified hearts.

He is –

re conceived as

leaf vein, tree branch

and deltas of water and blood

as he stares into the lens

eye of the world

searching for love.


Photo and Poem by clinock.  Photo: Superimposed photographic film, tinted.

14 thoughts on “Who Am Him Really Anywhy? 1.

  1. ditto what “burgessart” said. The transmogrification of self – we are always changing in life and in death. The wheel of life turns on and on.
    I remember somewhere that someone said, “you can never shake the same hand of the same man twice” because of the number of cells lost we are different people even though we look familiar. INspiring poem and truly wonderful image.


  2. I don’ t think i can say it better than Robert did but yes, interaction and…confluence between the self portrait and the poem is really powerful.
    PS: He is – the ARTIST, by all means.


    1. It’s always the truth
      the artist needs a muse
      and his muse needs a drink!
      (here’s to berries in bubbly and bows to beauty) – thank you Ese…


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