It’s a fast and frantic dance

around the corpus collosum

these days –

a crowded floor,

confused music,

stumbling movement,

crushed toes and egos.

Always has been this way

I guess and

always will?

Spinning yins and

gesticulating yangs

yelling and threatening.

Black versus white.

Frolic becomes fight,

man and woman,


church and state,


woman and woman,

man and man,

the loss of love,


What if the gods lay down

and slept it off?

What if the waltz

was more fascinating

than the weapon?

What if a vast silence


and everyone

took the day off

and listened

in quietude

to what one other person

wished to say?

The world continues

to turn gracefully.

It is only the animal

who-man who

is too clumsy

and deaf with self

to follow the music

of the spheres.

Get down

and boogie

the night

away –

it takes two

to –

and more.

And many more



Poem and Acrylic painting on canvas. 20″ x 30″ by clinock.

16 thoughts on “Dual

  1. The dual talents are superb here. The painting is one of my favorites, and the poem, especially through to the word spheres is extremely powerful.


    1. I am warmed by your gracious words Carl, thank you – and I hear you about “spheres” – I probably should have called closing time right about then…


  2. wonderful poem..
    interesting art…I seem to see the anonymous mask wondering(wandering) in the shadows if the dinosaur age ways will ever change….not sure why…
    I think I need to finish my coffee LOLs…
    I enjoyed the poem very much…
    Take Care….


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