The Waiting Room Drawings.6. Urban Heat

Waiting Room Drwg

she comes and goes

in this room

lacerating space with light,

tears and laughter,

while I stand

in urban heat

between faces and windows

lost in the solitude of speed.

she comes and goes

through the waiting,

promising nothing

yet open to all,

while I stand

arms akimbo

within traffic jams

that do not speak to me.

she comes and goes

across my gaze

and vanishes in night,

engaged elsewhere

while I stand

with clown nose

hawking post cards

of women I have known.

she comes and goes

through this solitude

on undeviating wings.

“Follow me” she says

then disappears

into the room beyond

the waiting room

where I cannot follow.


Poem and artwork by clinock. 

Urban Heat – solvent rubbing.   June 04. 2013.

20 thoughts on “The Waiting Room Drawings.6. Urban Heat

  1. Love the tones in this artwork John. I can feel the heat waves emanating all around me. Has me looking for shade and an iced tea. Nice work. Nice poem too.


  2. there’ s always more
    than the eye can see and more
    doors to be opened

    Beautiful artwork of yours, John – layers of emotions…shapes and colours whose voices in my mind are translated every time in a different way. And your words that are pure art.


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