Window Interlude – Reflections


There is mystery here

induced by light,

not difficult or rare,

a pedestrian sight,

yet magical

none the less,

drawing the eyes

deep into dream.


It’s a sleight of vision,

a riddle of the gods,

solved by

a gazing child

who can’t let go

of this sunlit puzzle.


Lost in this tableau

of reflected thoughts

he is found in wonder.


Poem and photo by clinock.

Photo: Store window. Main St. Vancouver.

9 thoughts on “Window Interlude – Reflections

  1. There’ re as many patterns and layers with even more details within in the photo as there’ re in the poem, John. Such a beautiful and powerful correlation…with thoughts lingering in the air.
    PS: Funnily enough – glimpses of art of Hundertwasser flashed in my mind for a moment while looked at the photo. 🙂


    1. Hundertwasser connection is perfect as are your perceptions of this post – thank you Ese for your welcome inspiration, always and all ways…


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