Before I Die Project

Thank you Deena at keats and kitsch for this re blog. I am including it here as #70 in my ‘The 100′ series. To view this series see my Categories menu.

keats and kitsch

This weeks art and quote all tied in one. Found this quote from the tumblr of a lovely friend, felt it quite apropos in light of the coming Spring what with its age old theme of ‘new beginnings.’

  “Death left its old tragic heaven and became the lyrical core of man: his invisible truth, his visible secret.”

M. Foucault 

Foucault is a gorgeous human being and a quote does not do justice so please check out some of his works. I also just realized that an interesting conversation could occur about his thoughts on this art piece and if it could be an  illustration of the techniques of power in relation to art and being reinforced through language. But I digress…The Before I Die Project is in over 30 countries and is a fantastic community project that makes good use of public space. Again, reader you know how much I…

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