Mexico Redux 6 – Paintings from El Patio – 3.


Desire. 11″ x 15″. Acrylic and oil on paper. Created on El Patio February 2012.

Sometimes I wonder if she smiles for me

or for some wild entity

rampaging through the backyards of her mind,

tantalizing, slippery with lust and

parting her night with lunar hands.


Fallen from grace and wingless he comes

trailing smoke in the tomcat night,

clawing at her window, his hungry

face pressed hard against the glass

mouthing his irresistible song.


Trembling her invitation, thrilled to her bones

in the humming dark on naked sheets,

she longs for scarlet breath, volcanic depths,

a touch that opens lips and

his pulsing, swelling blood.


The night has teeth, tongues that lap

the flesh as cats ingesting milk. Flickering shadows

cloaking cries of skin, hallucinating seeds of ecstasy,

exploding stars, sighing moons and helpless birds

spinning through stirred clouds.


Bound by whispers, caressed by drums,

dancing in arms of fire igniting fire,

released and wanting, opening, closing,

surrendering to wolf and owl, she dreams

the ancient forests of desire.

Painting and Poem by Clinock.

14 thoughts on “Mexico Redux 6 – Paintings from El Patio – 3.

  1. Holy smokes! (hmmm…mayhaps my timing isn’t so good on that expletive…but, wowsah!) John, I haven’t had any time to read my favourite blogs these past two months. I’m happy that I can now go back and catch up. Yours is one of amazing creativity and exceptional craftsmanship when it comes to words. I’ve missed reading.


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