Mexico Redux 2. At The End of The Road…

Please see Mexico Redux 1 (Recent Posts) for explanation.

It’s a source of endless fascination for me to observe and consider how other cultures conceive of and deal with death. The Mexican ‘end of the road’ traditions, ceremonies and the ways they design, construct and colour their final resting places, can all seem quite surreal to our Anglo Protestant northern values. However, in Mexico, a country that is so essentially and inherently surreal by nature, none of the following images seem at all out of place.









11 thoughts on “Mexico Redux 2. At The End of The Road…

  1. Perhaps we should adopt their culture, it says to me they are celebrating their lives, not just a sign post that we were once here.


    1. The subject of death is not avoided in Mexico -it is a part of life. I too enjoy wandering through cemeteries in different cities / countries – in Mexico they are so very different than in Canada or UK – almost ‘tacky’ to our northern tastes yet wonderful in their difference. Thanks for visiting CC…


  2. This is very different from so called “cemetery culture” I have seen here there in Europe, including Latvia. So much light, colours and presence of very…live peacefulness. Like a reminder that sadness doesn’ t have to be murky.


  3. Colours are beautiful, and the blossom of that plant in the picture is lovely, though I prefer gloom and grey for the buried, for me there is nothing like a somber deserted graveyard in Autumn on a misty day. Bright colours don’t represent my mourny feel, they cheer me up too much. For me comfort in sadness is greyness and silence around. 🙂


  4. I really like the Mex tile work esp done on benches with scenes and patterns , even whole wall as mural and always wanted to produce such but no room for suck production in condo living.Few people are aware of Picasso’s tile stuff.


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