Mexico Redux -1

Rite of Spring. 22" x 30". acrylic on paper. (Ptg #19).
Rite of Spring. 22″ x 30″. acrylic on paper.

Although it has been an unbelievably mild winter in Vancouver, with new growth promising an early spring, I am still missing my annual visit to the heat of Mexico. Usually at this time I am either soaking in the roaring surf of Sayulita or painting in the sun drenched courtyards of historic San Miguel De Allende. Instead, I am rusting in the overcast chill of  a wet, north-west coast February.  So, for awhile, I am taking a virtual holiday by re-visiting some of my past Mexico posts, with a little tweaking and editing. I hope to share the southern sun with those of you who are deprived of such in this turn of seasons.

Patio SMA

Rite of Spring was created in San Miguel De Allende in this warm, sun dappled patio filled with sculptures, paintings, cats, street sounds, the coming and going of art students, nut sellers and the soulful music and song of central Mexico. I was inspired by images of the heat and colours of the Aztec sun god merged with the tree spirits of the dark northern forests of Canada dancing to the drums and singing of ancient Haida voices.

21 thoughts on “Mexico Redux -1

  1. I’m there! Your words and images to thank for the transportation John. I don’t remember buying a ticket or queuing up for anything! Love that painting with whispers of Matisse and a luscious Clinock foreground.


  2. I had written a long response appreciating this painting and then clicked the picture to enlarge it and couldn’t get back to my reply! Drats. I’ll just say this is a gorgeous image and It seems like a ‘tropical innovation’ responding to European art history. If one can apply ‘tropical’ to Mexico. I love how your green figures are ecstatic with elements of the ancient, animal, invisible world; even insects surging with sap and spirit. But also structured. The background turquoise (?) really sets it off and frames the composition with an abstract expressionist edge. There’s lots to say about this painting. I’m captivated by the patterns in the foreground; the contrast between smaller rectangular amulet type shapes and the vertical gyrations.


    1. Steven – thank you so much for the time and thought you put into your comment – it is greatly appreciated and doubly so as you needed to do it twice – John…


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