Musa Inesperada 3

Musa Inesperada 3

Mi musa,

you dance magic alive

in the misty distances

of head and heart.

Electric body sparking illusions,

you conjure mirage upon mirage,

thirsty hungry ghosts and

hauntings beyond imagining.


Mi musa,

Limbs distorted by deep waters

of hurt and ecstasy,

you dance the dreaming,

conjuring shadow plays, mischievous

spirits and bright sprites

who weave light into visions

of the sighting of land.


Mi musa,

dancing magic alive

you translate winter

into southern skin, heavy with heat,

and with an easy glance

conjure hammocks,

chilled wine and the impossible intimacy

of the chance of touch.


Poem and drawing by clinock.   Drawing:  Conte on paper. 18″  x 24″. 2013. (Click on image for enlarged detail).

22 thoughts on “Musa Inesperada 3

  1. Wow! This is amazing! Your poetry gets inside me and speaks to me, and the drawing is extremely powerful, full of emotional pull. Thank you for sharing this fabulous work!


    1. Thank you Carl for your generous words. Not being entirely satisfied with the original poem, I rewrote and re-published it. Hope you like the revised version…


  2. John my friend, you are totally rocking this “muss” series. Love this image. I found myself staring at it for a long time. There is so much wonderful subtleties about this piece that pay off with repeated and extended viewing. Keep up the great work.


  3. This is the one I like least in this lovely series John because it feels more nightmarish than the others.. I feel it should be dreamy and erotic but it doesn’t work for me as it’s too dark, but maybe that was your intention?


    1. Helen – See my reply to you for #5. My art needs to accept and love the shadow land as much as the bright groves of Arcadia…thank you for your always thoughtful observations.


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