Musa Inesperada 2

Southern Muse Speaks to Northern Man.

Hear me and hear me closely,

for I speak in riddles.

My burning words melt meaning,

the freeze of my silence undoes the heart,

and both dance together

in the air between.


Hear me and hear me openly,

for I speak in paradox

and nothing in your reason can understand.

I am sun in the night, bones in the clouds,

the singing of rocks, beckoning farewells

and the sharpest tooth

of the scarlet rose.


Hear me and hear me wisely,

for I speak in truth.

You are not who you think you are,

but what you think, you are –

and this is the time to listen

and understand.


Hear me and hear me in love,

for I speak surrender.

There is no other path for you to walk

yet my compass and smudged maps

are only smoke and mirrors

on your journey.


Hear me and hear me in friendship.

For I speak of trust.

Welcome me to your winter with

true companions, sweet song and wine,

beauty, and bright magic.

Invite me in.


Poem and painting by clinock.  Painting:  Diptych, each panel 12″ x 24″. Acrylic on canvas. 2013. (Click on image for enlarged detail).

33 thoughts on “Musa Inesperada 2

  1. (quiet smile)… does “inesperada” mean “hopeless” (with all its possible interpretations…)?
    so nice to visit you again, and I love the “new” photo! happy 2013, dear friend!


    1. Hi Leslee, Inesperada in Spanish means ‘unexpected’. So marvelous to hear from you and to imagine your “quiet smile”. I’ve not received notifications of your postings for awhile – are you still blogging? Happy 2013 to you also in your new paradise – may the nature spirits of your home bring you great joy and peace…


      1. Ah, I like “unexpected” much better, thank you, John! I’m still blogging in spirit, and I feel it’s nearing time to post again… It’s been a bit of a tumultuous time. Work has drawn me back to Atlanta, and I feel like I’m in the midst of a tug’o’war! Thank you for reminding me to call on my nature-spirit friends more strongly. Their voices become muffled in the city’s din, but I know they’re around… Hoping to interact more soon… 🙂


        1. Always good to visit the city Leslee if only to remind you of the beauty you have left behind for awhile. Look forward to seeing you on-line again soon – hugs…


  2. Getting your posts From my Email is kinda a cheat. I read your words yet don’t let you know I snuck in the back door to do so. Well, I love this painting and your words that flow with it. I’ve visited this email going on 5X so far, crazy huh?


  3. The parallel universe of mystery. I love this together. Says so much to me and trust. Stepping forward, going backward and always coming back with fear.


  4. Attracted by the bold colors, I fall into the mystery of the shapes and lines writing a visual story to be told, and then read your poem. Catching up on your Musa series today… each stands alone yet are so connected. Excellant work, looking forward to what comes next.


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