Musa Inesperada 1

Musa Inesperada 1

Unexpected muse – oscillating

in chiaroscuro tangos,

moon dance, fireflies, shifting light,

manifest yet amorphous in the night,

mysterious source, ambiguous arrivals,

uncharted departures.


A cracked piano in an old cafe,

waltz of anima and shadow,

words whispered – veiled metaphors,

images sent – fragments revealed,

suggested interplay of possibilities,

glimpses of visions.


Weaver of dreams, I recognize

those doors that open in your eyes,

the glittering fish that part your lips,

and the tangled webs of art and Eros

that search my hands, my head, my sleep,

and in the deepest dark of me

something is remembered

and released….


Painting and poem by clinock. 2013.

Painting:  Musa Inesperada 1. acrylic on paper. 8″ x 10″. (Click on image for more detail).

30 thoughts on “Musa Inesperada 1

  1. The moon and dream weaver, the music, dance and cafe . . .. . Oh such imageries!! SoundEagle is afraid that the poem has outshone the painting here, not to mention that the former is expansive and the latter closely cropped, even granted that the painter seems to be “tunneling” into the askew countenance of the subject. Well done!


    1. Thank you SE. Your comment is much appreciated. For me, my stumbling words cannot compare to the dreamed image and reality of my muse. Her presence in my life is all to me…


  2. A muse to cherish 🙂 She is good for you, as she reminds you to do a tango in your sleep. When reality and dream are woven, it makes the best of art. The poem gave me illusions of the red and black and brown of a smokey café; the painting of the beautiful woman has different colours, but it still is a good match.


  3. John you have pricked my interest in this unexpected Muse……would love to known more about her…….enlarged her image is about actual size and looks great. Well done!


    1. Sounds like a fabulous idea Anne. Having read your response to Musa Inesperada and having briefly visited your site I have a glimmering of how this works. Please feel free to pick a painting. They appear in past posts and also on my Gallery page. I look forward to seeing what comes from this – cheers, John


  4. She wore an emerald choker. In her world full of the dazzling, only she knew why she never took it off. It reminded her always of the color of envy. If she ever dared desire beyond admiration… surely desire would choke her to death in the end.


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