img657In 1986 my oldest son, Sam, was two. We were living in Co-op housing in Victoria, BC. Canada. Every December a different person was chosen to be the Co-op Santa. In 1986 I was Santa. This photo shows me as Santa with my innocent and unsuspecting two year old son on my lap. Dressing up and being Santa was a profound experience for me. All cynicism I felt for this role dissolved. I became St. Nicholas completely and every child of the Co-op who came to me in wonder transformed me more. I was filled with the magic of belief in myth and legend. I really was Santa and I have never forgotten this trans-formative moment.

At this time I wish you all the magic of Christmas, however you celebrate this season. It is the return of the Light in every sense. It is the return of hope in the inherent compassion and love of all humans for each other.

Each year I read the following at my family Christmas dinner. I wrote it and I believe it fully in my heart.

Because we are able to be together again

To celebrate the returning of the light

For one more year;

Because we are safe and healthy and loved;

And have food and warmth and caring

In our lives;

Because we can laugh and think and feel

And are alive and can see the world as beautiful,

Because we are unthreatened and secure;

We say thank you to Life.

So say we all.

We give thanks for our fortune of birth

In a place and time that sees us free

From poverty, conflict and tyranny;

That has enabled us to pursue our desires in peace,

That has given us freedom to follow our hearts,

Speak our minds, travel, work, study and create.

For the richness of our lives, for happy memories,

For good friends and a loving family,

We say thank you to Life.

So say we all.

We say thank you for how lucky we are

To be here, now, together.

We can never take this for granted,

For there are too many who are cold,

Without food, family and friends,

Without laughter, love or caring,

Without safety or hope.

We say thank you to Life for our good fortune.

So say we all.

Words are easy to write and say,

And I have done too little to bring light to the darkness.

We could all do more.

I just want to say that I am so grateful

For who we are

And what we have;

And that I have hope that the returning light

Will shine on everyone

As it shines on us today.

So say we all.

16 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. This is so lovely, what a great speech! And you look very well as Santa!
    I can remember to this day my father being St Nicholas when I was almost 2 and I was on his lap just like your son there (he was dressed up to go to the old people home. He got pneumonia from the event btw )

    I wish you a very merry christmas John!


    1. Merry Christmas to you also Ina – I’m sorry that your dad got sick from his Santa adventure…It was a wonderful experience for me and I’m happy you remember it lovingly…


  2. What a wonderful prayer. And a great experience. The power and magic of myth and legend is real. Thanks for sharing this intimate moment with us. May you and your family be truly blessed this holiday. I am so grateful for all your support and kindness this year. Peace.


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