Stars in my Eyes 2…

I have Stars in my Eyes because recently two of my nominees for Blog of The Year award bounced the award nomination back to me. I am so honoured by this gracious response from : Ina at Ina     and from Philippa at Seascapes Aus.

Blog of the Year Award 3 star jpegPlease see yesterday’s post for the reason I have decided that each time I receive another star I will re-post something relevant from my archives – dedicated to those who nominated me.

Today I dedicate to Philippa – an Australian seascape  painter who is not only a brilliant professional artist but writes widely and deeply about the creative life, on her own site and as comments on the sites of other artists. Australia is known as the home of the surfing culture and so I dedicate this re-post to Philippa. The photo and poem come from my time in Sayulita, Mexico (another surfer’s paradise) early this year.

DSC04880The poet waits as the surfer waits,
Open, alert and drifting
On the scintillating surface
Of the deep,
Floating between the double mysteries
(The dreaming lunar depths of Artemis
And the burning eye of Apollo).
Poet and surfer, twin magicians, wait
And conjure the cosmic wave
(The birthing surge of inspiration
And the promised ecstasy of flight)
From the sunken shadows
Of fathomless night
Into the dazzling day.
They rise with the rising
And merge with ancient lines
Of singing surf and
The rhythm of the timeless sea.
On crests of liquid light
They skim the churning fingers,
The white and curving filaments
of Hokusai foam,
And feathered by the ocean wind,
They dance the sacred dance
Of word and tide and fire
Onto shores of spent desire
And the glance of fallen stars.

Poem and photo by Clinock

4 thoughts on “Stars in my Eyes 2…

  1. I have started following you thanks to seascapes aus’s recommendation. I imagine that you know of the Australian writer Tim Winton and in particular “Breath”. As a poet/surfer I am sure you would love his work


    1. Hi Helen, a pleasure to meet you and thank you for the ‘follow’, I am honoured (any friend of Philippa is a friend of mine). I don’t know Tom Winton so thanks for the tip, I will look him up. Do you have a blog that I can visit?


      1. I think you would find hios book “Breath’ amazing, but check out a TIM Winton, not Tom.
        I’m not blogging yet, learning how from people like you and Philippa whom I know in real time
        I’m an ex art/design teacher, photography is my first love and I’m a secret poetry writer, trying to be.


        1. Thanks for your reply Helen- blogging is cool and very easy and accessible, hope you pursue it. Hope also you reveal your poetry to the world – don’t be shy – there’s more love out here than you can imagine…


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