14 thoughts on “December 14. 2012. Connecticut.

    1. It’s happened here too and might happen anywhere. How do we deal with this unimaginable evil? – it seems almost impossible to protect our children absolutely from such unpredictable violence. As a retired teacher I am desolate today…


      1. I am too and it has continued. Going to sleep and waking with the pain of losing children. The grass roots lies in both gun control and in recognising mental illness and having resources without stigma attached to help those whose own children suffer. Right now, even though we know *not* to judge people who are fighting mental health issues we (as a society) still do. Add to that the lack of quick service and it snowballs out of everyones control and turns into mass killings – more than 1 has taken place here in Montreal too. Sigh… the answers escape me . Hug


    1. And how can we protect against future and evil insanities like this? We had an agreement that our children are free and safe in their schools. We obviously can no longer believe this agreement, it has happened too often. Must we now have locked doors and armed guards in all of our educational buildings?
      This is a form of terrorism – requiring that we change our freedom for unimagined security measures in our schools. As a past teacher I was trained in how to deal with this form of terrorism but never imagined it might come to us. I’m sure the teachers in Connecticut felt the same and I mourn their deaths and the deaths of their students…


  1. There are no words. When I picked my son up from school today he did not know what had transpired, but the children, in perhaps all the schools here in Connecticut, were not allowed to go outside for recess. He said to me “Why? It was such a beautiful day.” It was. Why why why?


    1. We all ask the same question and no answers come. I am heartbroken and just want you all in America to know that your neighbors to the north are sharing your agony and hopeless feelings on this black day. So much young innocence and promise has been lost. This is a recurring evil that cannot and must not be tolerated…


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