This Gives Us Wings…

I am still talking to my paintings – trying to open a conversation. There is no longer complete silence but the response is hesitant and often unintelligible. The struggle has changed to a dance but I stumble and tread on toes. I trust and honour the process and continue to flow with what is. I found this poem that spoke to me about the tenacity, perseverance and wonder of being human – and for awhile it gave me wings…

WINGS by Miroslav Holub

We have 
a microscopic anatomy 
of the whale 
William Carlos Williams

We have   / a map of the universe / for microbes,

we have / a map of a microbe / for the universe.

we have / a Grand Master of chess / made of electronic circuits.

But above all / we have / the ability

to sort peas, / to cup water in our hands,

to seek / the right screw

under the sofa / for hours


gives us


Photo, of wood carving, on a street in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, by clinock.

14 thoughts on “This Gives Us Wings…

  1. Wonderful John. I’m glad that “dialog” with your painting has started again – even if somewhat hesitant. First dates are always awkward. Looking forward to seeing your work in full flight. Peace.


  2. to seek / the right screw

    under the sofa / for hours

    These days…these two lines of poetry speak oodles about my journey as a person in the world and as an artist. Thank you for sharing your story with us because your hesitation is our hesitation. We relate.


    1. You are right, those two lines can be read on so many levels and it’s comforting to know that I will meet many others “under the sofa”…


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