‘The 100’ #43 – Street Art with Text – Morocco…

In Marrakesh, Morocco the street signs for businesses employ rough illustrations of the nature of the business. These are not graffiti or street art as we know it, rather they are echoes of a time long past in north America and Europe when a service offered to the public was advertised with a visual explanation.

The two illustrations in this post are for dentists. No problems understanding the rather macabre pictures of these services.

If your dentist is ‘looking down in the mouth’ show him / her these pictures – it may raise a toothy smile!

‘The 100′ series was initiated by my 100th Post in April 2012. As text and images are the essence of my blog my intention is to present 100 pieces of textual art from historical and contemporary artists and from my own hand. To view the series to date click on ‘The 100’ in my Category Menu.

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