One Lovely Blog Award

It is a true honour to be nominated today for this award by Philippa, an Australian master of Seascape painting and a real blogging friend.

I admire her work, her acute perceptions about art and her positive approach to life. Thank you so much Philippa…


The Award guidelines are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
2. List 7 random things about yourself
3. Nominate fifteen other blogs
4. Notify the fifteen nominees
5. Put the award logo on your blog.

Seven Random things about me:

–       The greatest miracles of my life are my two sons, Sam and Jesse.

–       I was raised in a small seaside town in England where people rolled in the ocean  mud to cure their aches and pains.

–       I failed art in school but was awarded prizes for creative writing and poetry.

–       My first job in Canada was with BOAC at Toronto airport. One of my duties was to greet VIPs  – I met Ella Fitzgerald, Henry Moore, Twiggy and Cary Grant amongst others.

–       Two of my worst jobs on the west coast were picking worms on golf courses at night and working in a fish packing plant (cats followed me home).

–       Two of my best jobs were working for the British Columbia Forest Service as a fire-tower lookout man in the northern mountains for six summers and teaching visual art to teens in Vancouver for 23 years.

–       Today, sitting by the ocean under a thundery sky I suddenly saw and felt the trees, children, rocks and everything around me vibrating in crystal clarity – an expression of the planet itself breathing out its dream of living beauty.

My nominations for this award:

1. Rita from Tasmania, amazing quilts and fabric art:

2. Robert, an Australian artist and teacher – brilliant artwork:

3. Giovanni from Kelowna BC. Canada – sensitive writings and photos of everyday life in his home town:

4. Wai-Yuk from Cornwall, England – beautiful textile art:

5. Stella’s elegant and gorgeous art and photographs:

6. Carl offers personal honesty on his life’s issues:

7. Terry gives us superb digital photos of urban surfaces along with a musical and graceful expression of life and its challenges:

8. Chrissy explores her personal hopes and dreams through the realms of spirit, literature and philosophy:

9. Sharyn is a dedicated cook, writer, painter and singer and weaves this all together with her brilliant posts:

10. Isabella is a truly amazing and inspiring 11 year old visual artist, fashion designer, poet and writer – what were you doing at her age?

11. Nancy creates gorgeous art on ATC size surfaces and in addition she writes beautifully about her life:

12. Painter Lady explores the spiritual life through art, nature, music and memory – a very favorite blog:

13. Gregory offers his art and philosophy of art and life with sensitivity and compassion:

14. Mari is a poet who transports one into other realms of reality and feeling:

15. Gary is a brilliant digital artist with a special interest in the Tarot. He offers daily, thought provoking quotes and explores them in depth.

16. The empty chair at the table for the unexpected guest…

I am away from my computer now for about 5 days – If you accept your nomination simply follow the guidelines and play this forward. I honour you all for your contributions to our lives…

23 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Congratulations. I am glad you mentioned Carl at stillfugue. I think his stuff is unique and full of depth with intriguing language use and he deserves a greater audience(still pushing him to guest post). My favorite seascape artists are Frank Vinning Smith and Montaque Dawson.


  2. I am always as fascinated by the Artist as I am by the Art. What a diverse and interesting life, I especially like the rolling in the mud for aches and pains. What a wonderful experience to have witnessed such beauty under the thundery sky. A well deserved award.


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