In the Face of Dreams…

In the Face of Dreams by clinock. 20 x 24”. Acrylic and modelling paste on Masonite. 2012.

“Art’s value is in its unique ability to give focus and substance to dreams, to guide our awareness of our individuality, our awareness of ourselves. It allows, if not demands us, to project ideas and feelings, to dream, to ask questions, to contemplate and imagine. In doing and responding to art we are enacting our civilization. We are asserting and proclaiming our existence.”  Author unknown.

Process – On Masonite, a highly textured surface was created with modeling paste and a variety of tools. From this surface, when dry, frottage rubbings were taken using charcoal, graphite and conte, to be used in related projects. Applications of thinned acrylic paint were then applied to the textured surface and mono prints taken, also to be used later. When all possibilities of use were exhausted the modeling paste surface was painted with acrylic, with attention paid to emphasizing the texture.

The mixed media workshop was amazing, so different to taking 3-hour classes once a week. There was time to interact with the other artists there and time to work intensely on the piece of the day. We made one work a day and this meant concentrated focus and then working further on the piece at home.  This workshop was also integrated with a once a week class in mixed media so I have experienced a large variety of techniques in these last few weeks that I will share with you eventually. The whole experience is over now but this doesn’t mean I am finished with the work. Many of my pieces are still incomplete but I am exhausted and need a break from my art. I am taking a few days off to visit the beautiful Gulf Islands off of Vancouver to visit friends and breathe in the peaceful scent of pines and ocean air, listen to the gulls and generally refresh my senses. Other than the work posted today I have a number of paintings to share, but all in good time.

I have managed to keep in touch with many of you but am still way behind in my cyber-communications – I will catch-up as much as possible when I return.

 “Why should we all use our creative power? Because there is nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, lively, bold and compassionate; so indifferent to fighting and accumulation of objects and money.”  Author unknown.

25 thoughts on “In the Face of Dreams…

  1. I really like this work, Clinock! I’m not very good with words, so please excuse my “simple” language! I find this dramatic face emerging from …a dream, amazing! Very nicely done!


  2. Another successful creation. You highlighted the textures perfectly with the color which then adds a whole other dimension to the work. I really like how there are mythical ghosts/spirits intermingling in this work. And even though your work is different from Jean Cocteau’s – I get the same feelings from viewing this that I get from Cocteau’s drawings/sketches. There is something primal about it.


    1. I understand your comparison to Cocteau and thank you for it, although my work is far below his level. I appreciate the time and thought taken for your comment and want you to know how much this means to me…


  3. This is quite a beautiful piece. It leaps off the page. There are many places to “park” your imagination within the piece. I’m struck by how different parts haunt, or calm, or drive fear, or even inspire strength. Thank you for sharing this – I am lucky for it.


  4. Yes, yes, Carl… I love the artwork and Carl’s words! And I’m MOST delighted that I can access your page and comment again – I was having some trouble last month with that…

    The face really does seem to be hovering, so dreamlike… 🙂


  5. I used to reinforce masonite with a 1/4 by 1 inch molding on the back as a perimeter frame. This preventing folding or bending with larger pieces and inhibited warping from Florida’s humidity.


    1. Thank you Nicole – modelling paste can add another dimension to a painting and if you are into mixed media you can embed things into the paste while still wet. It’s worth experimenting with…


    1. Had to look up “numinous”- strong and poetic word that I will now add to my vocabulary. “Architecture of the unconscious” – beautiful, as is all of your comment – thank you for your thoughtful words G….


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