Art Rat Painting Retreat…

Dear Friends – Art Rat is taking a painting break – not a break from my art but a creative retreat into my art. For two weeks I will be involved in a painting intensive workshop. I will not be posting during this time but, in a limited way, may be able to visit and comment on your blogs. Interacting with you all has become a valued part of my daily life and I will miss this; however, I need this break and welcome the challenges and new ways of seeing it will bring into my creative life. So, hasta luego, mis amigos….

33 thoughts on “Art Rat Painting Retreat…

    1. You’re such a worker bee Carl! – where can one get those 48 hour days anyway, or are they only available in America? Thanks for sending me off with a laugh…


    1. Cheers John – the ‘workshop’ flows between a downtown studio and my home studio – intense work in a group downtown and solo resolving of that work at home…


    1. Of course, you are right, done it must be – but only because it came my way at a time that it was needed – “must” makes me think of ancient, damp and cobwebbed basements…


  1. John, thank you for your comments on my blog. I’m delighted to meet you and am really loving digging through your posts and gorgeous art here. Looking forward to interacting with you. Enjoy your art retreat!


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