Reassembled Painting 2

Reassembled Painting 2, by clinock – acrylic, charcoal, conte, pastels. On torn and glued papers.  18” x 20” (varies). Jul 2012

See Reassembled Painting 1 for details of process.

28 thoughts on “Reassembled Painting 2

    1. Well Helen mostly it feels wonderfully mucky – white glue mixed with water and then spread with hands over the back of the pieces to be attached – my favorite part, like giving a massage or rolling in liquid warm mud. Then the actual attaching with the edge of the hand caressing the dry and painted side paper outward ’til it meets the damp edges with just the right pressure to eliminate air bubbles and the satisfaction that comes with just the right placement. The ripping is cathartic – tearing apart those precious colour fields you took so much care in making – and there’s dry ripping and wet ripping, with their different sounds and feelings – dry is sharp, concise, fast and definite with a slight touch of violence – wet is decadent, like carving a jelly and the tear needs careful encouragement from fingers, like a blind man navigating a maze – so much more but you get the idea of what it feels like…


    1. “Hidden despondency” – hummmm, interesting – I will need to revisit the piece to try to see what you saw – thank you for your comment Carl…


  1. Brilliant Clinock. Love this reconstruction. stunning colors. It feels so wet and tactile. Another beautiful creation.


    1. Your positive response means a lot to me – thank you MF. Right on about “wet and tactile” – this describes the process of making it perfectly….


  2. I especially like the colours you have chosen, and the way you have juxtaposed them. What kind of red is that? What name would you call it? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before.


    1. The reds are multiple layered with Transparent Red Oxide, Alizarin Crimson and Cad Red. I usually paint in thin layers with the most transparent colours I have at the moment.


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