Caught Fish 4 – Dog Park…

Dog Park by clinock. 11″x 14″. Graphite, Conte and Charcoal, on paper.

I once had a dog, my Malika – she was killed by a car. I was so attached to this animal that I swore I would never repeat this agony of loss. I am now a cat person and although I have lost many cats to coyotes, accidents and mysterious circumstances I still feel the loss of Malika the most.

This drawing was done in my local dog park – it is my tribute to Malika.

17 thoughts on “Caught Fish 4 – Dog Park…

    1. Nope, East end of Vancouver, urban but with lots of green space. We share our back-alleys, streets and gardens with coyotes, racoons, skunks and the occasional stray cougar. All on the lookout for a nice plump domestic supper…


    1. I love ya Hansi but I have to disagree – every cat I have had the honour to know has been a friend. Yes, they are different to dogs but, in my experience my cats have given back whatever energy I have shared with them. My present cat, Mr.B. is the most loving and intelligent creature one could want in one’s life…


  1. It’s a strange attachment we have with our 4-legged friends… I lost 2 close members of my (human) family in the last year, and my cat Mooly. Perhaps it’s some kinda displacement activity, but I get the strongest pang of sorrow whenever I see a black cat now, and in my mind always say ‘hello Mooly’ to them.
    It’s a beautiful tribute to Malika, may her soul live on with you.


    1. I am sorry for your losses Eph’ – saying farewell to our human family is agony enough, but to be followed by the parting of a dear pet is almost too much to bear – my heart is with you. My parents are gone, but strangely they often appear in dreams with Malika, although they never knew her.


    1. So many of us have lost animals who have been an intimate part of our lives – there is something profound in human existence that connects us so closely to other species…


  2. Clinock the back story of this wonderful art moved me. something we are going to carry inside our head all our life. i know the feeling. thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga


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