Liebster Blog Award




I am honoured by the gracious nomination of ephemeral gecko for this award. Thank you Eph’.

The nitty-gritty of the award is as follows:

With this award originating in Germany, the Liebster Blog Award recognizes fresh bloggers with less than 200 followers. By accepting the award, it would be nice for the blogger to:                      

1. Acknowledge the person that gave the award and link back to their blog.       2. Copy and paste the award to your own site.                                                            3. Share 5 of your choice blogs to award and let them know by commenting on their blog.

#3 is the fun part, although in many ways also the most difficult. Since beginning blogging in July 2011 I have connected with so many amazing bloggers and I feel you all deserve recognition. Also, as Eph’ discovered, many blogs don’t show how many Followers they have; and they also don’t show if they have already received this particular award. Therefore, I will simply nominate those people who have inspired me and had the strongest influence on my blogging life to date. Here they are, in alphabetical order, with my admiration and thanks:

  1. Bees ATCbeesatc.wordpress.comNancy offers daily, sensitive ATC size art with honest, excellent writing and thought provoking ideas.
  2. Beauty and Dreams –  beautyanddreams.wordpress.comChrissy explores the mysteries of art and life through writings, drawings and collage.
  3. Isabella  – Isabella is a truly incredible and inspiring 10 year old artist, (may be 11 by now) poet and fashion designer.
  4. The Kale   – Sharyn offers mouth-watering natural food recipes illustrated by her paintings and delightful writings about food and life.
  5. Tincuptincup68.wordpress.comAn amazing blog exploring the human condition through brilliant writing and challenging ideas.
  6. and following Eph’s lead in improvising on the ‘rules’ because I cannot leave them out; and in case some of the first five already have the award, I also nominate as #6 – Walter Kittywalterkittysdiary.comA perceptive, sensitive, humorous and brilliant poetry and writing blog.
  7. And also PictureShttp://liamrainsford.wordpress.coma wonderful, inspiring and informative teacher of art and painter who explains the creative process with clarity, enhanced by video.

If you decide to accept this nomination it means that you have the award and need to continue the process as indicated above. Congrats to you all for your efforts and time spent in creating a meaningful connection in the blogosphere.

15 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Well done clinock! You have been nominated by a similarly creative blogger who comes up with visual surprises and interesting text. (Your profile pic says a lot about you I suspect). Congratulations on the Liebster Award!


    1. Thank you – I think you are correct – Eph’ and I share a similar approach to the creative process. Not sure though what my profile pic says about me – it’s just a face with a hat! This whole ‘awards’ thing is new to me, but it’s fun to pass it on.


    1. Carl – I understand – you have been recognized in many ways with many awards – and you deserve them all. This is my first and I appreciate it. It comes from a blogging colleague I admire so it means a lot to me…


  2. Well how about that? You are too kind Sir. I enjoy your blog for many reasons..but I guess I will have to tell you why on mine! Keep doing what you are doing.


    1. I will keep doing what I am doing, otherwise, why blog at all? What you have to say, and the way that you say it is deeply meaningful – hence my nomination…


      1. Okay- better late than never! My apologies for taking so long, people have been throwing whip cream and Birkenstocks at me and I haven’t been able to write. Thank you.


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