‘The 100’ #25 – Guest Post – ephemeral gecko

I am a dedicated follower of ephemeral gecko’s blog and particularly enjoy his text explorations. I am honoured that he accepted my invitation to be a Guest Post for ‘The 100′ series. So, here is Eph’:

I am an artist. Sure, I have a day job too. That pays the bills and keeps one foot on the ground (almost). But my soul – my purpose on this planet – is to create.  If others get enjoyment from it too, this makes my heart sing.

I am an ink addict. This (above), like many pages began with splattering splashy inks.  Dribbled and directed, in places it’s bothered by brush or scratched at with pen nib. The text in this piece takes sharp contrast. Stenciled with Markal metallic paint sticks, the shimmery gold part blended, part sitting proud to the surface. Text in all its forms fascinates me – from the characteristics of handwriting to the exotic intrigue of scripts and languages foreign to me – this special human code.

An example (left) of the text leading the design; having recently cut a new alphabet stencil I really wanted to explore the possibilities it afforded with different media. From gouache to charcoal, spray paint to oil pastel, this day’s page has it all. These images come from the ‘page a day’ sketchbook project, around which the ephemeral gecko blog was formed. It’s the place I play daily. Leaving behind all rules and ‘good practice’, convention and the like, what comes out in these pages is spontaneous, unplanned, and often unexpected.  It’s a visual stream of consciousness, a meditation, an exercise in self-discipline. And as a body of work it will become a compendium of resources and experimental ideas. I hope!

I like to collage; layers seem to build in character to an image. For many years my only artistic outlet was digital. It suited me well, compact, clean – those pixels couldn’t be knocked over and stain the carpet. I now mix the pixels in with the inks and paints, demonstrated here (above) with photos I took at the local museum of a faded, moth-eaten, old zebra, printed onto some font samples, collaged, drawn onto, then block printed.

Set against a backdrop of ink painted newspaper discs, and flanked by slithers of print, this cut-out couple gaze lovingly. Borne from my hatred of waste, once dull office documents have been printed on both sides of a sheet I consign them to art. I have a stock of what I call ‘overprints’, in this case, page umpteen of an insurance policy was reincarnated with photos of textile prints, then again with some more font samples.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip, to find more of this and my other projects please drop by http://ephemeralgecko.wordpress.com

art rat note: Eph’ is on my Blogroll. ‘The 100′ series was initiated by my 100th Post in April 2012. As Words and Images are the essence of my blog my intention is to present 100 pieces of textual art from historical and contemporary artists and from my own hand. To view the series to date click on ‘The 100’ in my Category Menu. Thank you for viewing.

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