‘The 100’ #24 – Barbara Kruger…

We Don’t Need Another Hero by Barbara Kruger. 1985

A contemporary of Jenny Holzer and another American feminist conceptual artist is Barbara Kruger (b. 1945). Much of her work consists of found black-and-white photographs overlaid with self-composed textual captions.

Plaque – How Dare You Not be Me. by Barbara Kruger.


She merges her images with pithy and aggressive text that involves the viewer in the struggle for power and control that her captions speak to. Much of her text questions the viewer about feminism, consumerism, individual autonomy and desire.

I Shop Therefore I Am – by Barbara Kruger.



Barbara Kruger has said, “I work with pictures and words because they have the ability to determine who we are and who we aren’t.”

Thinking of You. by Barbara Kruger.

Your Body is a Battleground. by Barbara Kruger.


















Information from artcyclopedia.com and Wikipedia. Images from Google Images.

‘The 100′ series was initiated by my 100th Post in April 2012. As Words and Images are the essence of my blog my intention is to present 100 pieces of textual art from historical and contemporary artists and from my own hand. To view the series to date click on ‘The 100’ in my Category Menu. Thank you for viewing.

7 thoughts on “‘The 100’ #24 – Barbara Kruger…

  1. I respond to this dry type of humour and the pop art style even though it is a sort of visual cul-de-sac. It reminds me of art school and Marshall McLuhan. Was that the late 60s? (if you were there you’re not supposed to remember)…


  2. Way cool, with a nice little twist. i would have named the last one, “Your body is a Playground”. I’ll probably go to hell for that, but I couldn’t resist.


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