Caught Fish 1 – The Mad Guitarist…

The Mad Guitarist – by clinock. 18″x22″. Graphite, Conte and Charcoal, on paper.

The first drawing from my recent creative ‘fishing trip’. I was listening to John McLaughlin and his Mahavishnu Orchestra – they evoked the images you see.

16 thoughts on “Caught Fish 1 – The Mad Guitarist…

  1. I really like this very much. It reminds me of Picasso’s work 🙂 And of Kandinsky. But this is more solid. (I wish I could say it better.)


    1. Thank you Ina – I’m honoured that the drawing reminds you of the masters – I truly feel that I am not in their league but if this drawing touches you then I am happy…


  2. This piece really speaks to me…it feels to be one of my lectio paintings, where layer upon layer reveals itself. It feels there are several different stories along its journey…love it.


    1. More than “several” stories indeed – I’m glad that you “love it”. Yes, it revealed itself in process and I am amazed at what emerged, as always…


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