artratcafe CAFE – Roasted Cheese…

In this part of the world spring is still struggling to show its true face. Wet coastal days and chilly nights continue to call for comfort food. So, to accompany our Beau–ootiful Soo-oop we are offering home-made, crusty bread, rich, creamy milk and Roasted Cheese – al la Heidi by Johanna Spyri.

‘I think, however, that we could eat something first. What is your opinion about that?’ asked the old man.
Heidi had been so much interested about her bed that she had forgotten everything else. Now she remembered, and felt suddenly very hungry. She had eaten nothing since breakfast, when she had a piece of bread and a little weak coffee, and had since made a long journey. Heidi replied heartily to her grandfather’s question, ‘Yes, I think so, indeed.’
…He went over to the fireplace… Next, he held a long iron fork over the fire, with a big piece of cheese on it, which he turned slowly round and round till it was of a golden yellow.

Heidi watched him with a keen interest; but suddenly an idea came into her head, and she sprang away…. When her grandfather came with the pot, and the roasted cheese on a fork, there lay already the round loaf, two plates, two knives, all neatly arranged; for Heidi had noticed everything in the press, and she knew what was needed for the table.

… Heidi seized her little mug, and drank and drank without once stopping; for all the thirst of her journey seemed to rise up at once. Then she drew a long breath – for in her eagerness to drink, she had not been able to stop to breathe – and set down her mug.  ‘Does the milk taste good?’ asked her grandfather.
‘I never drank such good milk,’ said the child. ‘Then you must have more,’ said he, and filled the mug again quite to the top, and placed it before the child, who was eating her bread, spread thickly with the hot cheese, which was like butter from the heat, and tasted delicious.






She now and then drank her milk, and looked meanwhile perfectly happy.













Illustration Credits from top to bottom:

Heidi and Her Grandfather – source unknown. Possibly Jessie Wilcox Smith/ Roasting Cheese – / Vermeer Pastiche – /  Melted Cheese on Bread – / Lait Pur – / My Milk by Austin, age 12 –

18 thoughts on “artratcafe CAFE – Roasted Cheese…

  1. I think this passage from Heidi is one of my favorite childhood memories… In some ways, the search for the perfect piece of roasted cheese in the perfect cabin on the perfect mountain has been the essence of my life… 🙂
    Wishing you a wonderful alpine week!


  2. Spring is slowly starting here, but heater still needs to be on so I would love some of that roasted cheese 🙂 (tosti we call those sandwiches with melting cheese here btw) The milkmaid might have trouble eating it though…


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