‘The 100’ #19 – Passages 1…

Passages 1… – by clinock. 8″ x 10″. acrylic, photocopies, text, pen, cold wax finish; on cradled panel.

We travel the passages of blue light. Our findings are beyond words, yet words haunt our passage. They define what we wish would remain undefined. They label our experience and insist on connections. We are blinded by words and cannot see the beauty of the unnamed. Shall we fragment the labels? Shall we tear apart the signs and signals? Can we summon the courage to go beyond?

For explanation of ‘The 100’ see my ‘Post Number 100’

13 thoughts on “‘The 100’ #19 – Passages 1…

  1. You have been on a tear! I have another award for you once I get to it…LOL. I have decided any awards should just go to one blogger…makes it more meaningful. I really enjoyed viewing your recent paintings and drawings. I don’t know what was produced on your last trip or if I am merely looking at work you already posted before a second time through. Those Dragon sculptures were really cool!


    1. TC – welcome back, I have missed you mi amigo. Mucho gracias for your extensive exploration of my site and all of the ‘likes’. The paintings I made in Mexico were posted, I think, in March or April – titled Mexican Paintings or some such. They are also up in my painting gallery. There are 11 and mostly faces. I never really understood the Award thing. I asked you for an explanation once but you didn’t get back. Are they initiated by WordPress or by bloggers? I mean, can anyone create an Award and distribute it? I’m looking forward to some new posts from you…


      1. Awards are what you would expect…but when they come from bloggers that you connect with they hold some meaning. And this award means something in my opinion which is why I will be transferring it to you 😀


        1. I am very honoured mi amigo and I agree about awards and meaning – but I still don’t understand where awards come from…is this a secret blogging mystery?


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