‘The 100’ #12 – Done…

Done - 8" x 6". Acrylic & mixed media on cradled panel. (mix med #4).

Done… – by clinock. 8″ x 6″. acrylic and mixed media on cradled panel.

Title from the incorporated comic book speech bubble – “At Last I Know What Must Be Done.” As visual artists we are all familiar with THAT MOMENT.


For explanation of ‘The 100’ see my ‘Post Number 100’

4 thoughts on “‘The 100’ #12 – Done…

  1. The colors are grand! So which came first? Done or One Time? Both pieces seem to be part of the same story, a moment of personal growth or coming to terms with how you live your own life with regards to the concept of the running man.


    1. One Time was first but then I think that all of my art is part of the same story. Somewhere in my forest of posts I explain the origins of Running Man (stolen image from Ed Muybridge) – symbolized much of my working life – Getting Nowhere Fast, another of my Running Man series – they are all in Gallery – Mixed media. Thank you for all your views and comments – much appreciated…


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