‘The 100’ #8 – I Seem to Hear Her Voice…

I Seem to Hear Her Voice… – by clinock. 2.5″ x 3.5″. collage with photocopy and drawing; on card.

The world of comic book art has always been influential in my artistic life. When played with conceptually or tangibly it can be poetic and meaningful, although with a Surreal spin.

For explanation of ‘The 100’ see my ‘Post Number 100’

4 thoughts on “‘The 100’ #8 – I Seem to Hear Her Voice…

  1. Re Serene One – I did 33 years inner city, drug invested, violent, poverty, low performing, minority here in Miami, 11th grade history. That was the easy part. Lunatic egotistical administrators and state and county policy makers were the problems. It seems they ask everyone except the teachers how to fix things. Hey, you’ve got a lot of original and creative stuff here. Lots of experimentation various media, I do cartoons my blog.


    1. Carl – I hear ya! Although my teaching experience was a luxury cruise compared to yours, the admin was no different. I thank you for visiting art rat cafe and for your supportive words – am about to explore your site…


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