‘The 100’ #5 – One Time.

One Time – by clinock. 6″ x 8″. acrylic, photocopies, Letraset, handmade paper, magazine text and pen; on cradled panel.

This is one of my ‘Running Man’ series that incorporates a figure ‘liberated’ from photo studies of human movement by Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904). Muybridge’s  photos, taken with multiple cameras, were intended to examine locomotion. They show repeated images of a man running, as if on the spot, without a destination – getting nowhere fast! There was a time when this symbolized my life. The title echoes two words in the collaged text, but also the fact that we have only One Time in this life, and too short a time to spend in stressful and meaningless running about trying to fulfill expectations set by others. The text and images exist in an arena that is ambiguous and open enough for you to interpret how you will, discovering your own story.

For explanation of ‘The 100’ see my ‘Post Number 100’

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