artratcafe CAFE – Eggs…

Because it is spring, and almost Easter, EGGS are on our mind and featured on our literary menu this week. Our fancy lightly  turns to spring and sensual longing and fertility and well, yes, sex.

The name Easter comes from Eostre or Ostara, the Great Mother Goddess of the Saxon people in Northern Europe. And she certainly represented spring fecundity, and the love and carnal pleasure that leads to fecundity. In pagan times an annual spring festival was held in her honour. Ostara was a playful goddess whose reign over the earth began in the spring when the Sun King journeyed across the sky in his chariot, heralding the end of winter. Ostara came down to earth then, appearing as a beautiful maiden with a basket of bright colourful eggs. Ostara’s magical companion was a rabbit who accompanied her as she brought new life to dying plants and flowers by hiding her eggs in the fields.








The egg serves as a representation of new life. It stands for the renewing power of nature and by extension the attraction between female and male that results in new life. Which shell lead us, of course, to the following eggstremely sensual extract from the book: 1933 Was A Bad Year by John Fante:

“Dorothy was at the sideboard, breaking eggs and spilling them into a bowl. Just watching the oval things crack in her white fingers and spill forth with a golden plop created a series of small explosions inside me. My calves shuddered as she scrambled them with a fork and they turned yellow like her hair. She poured a bit of cream into the mixture and the silken smoothness of the descending cream had me reeling. I wanted to say, ‘Dorothy Parrish, I love you’, to take her in my arms, to lift the bowl of scrambled eggs above our heads and pour it over our bodies, to roll on the red tiles with her, smeared with the conquest of eggs, squirming and slithering in the yellow of love”.








Image Credits from top in order:

Easter Eggs inspired by Lichtenstein – artclubblog21.

Ostara by Johannes Gehrts. 1884.

Victorian Woman with Eggs and Smiley Toast from Google Images. Origins unknown.

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