Post Number 100 – Ta Dahhh! + “The 100 #1” – ‘going’

This is my 100th post and I am celebrating with 100 sips of my favorite agave juice, taking 100 conscious breaths, thinking 100 good thoughts and compiling a list of 100 art projects that I may publish here at a later date. To mark my Centenary I have decided to post 100 Text in Art works. This art form is, after all, the essence of my blog and one of my greatest passions. I am not creating a ‘one a day’ challenge for myself, too much pressure and leaves no space for posting my other passions. My intention is to present, at random, 100 pieces of textual art from historical and contemporary artists, from my ex art students and from my own hand. My own art (and that of known artists) will be a mix of new work and art dragged up from the deeper recesses of my blog and galleries. The first of ‘The 100′ appears below and is a photo I took of one word, “going,” written on a wall in east Vancouver. My own text is added to the photo. This one word, on a particularly uninspiring piece of city architecture, attracted me by its simple, yet poetic, pathos. Credit and thanks given to the unknown street writer.

9 thoughts on “Post Number 100 – Ta Dahhh! + “The 100 #1” – ‘going’

  1. …and,of Course,the Blue Door & Reflected Windows Offers the Dimensional Portals…”Gone Going”…hehe…A Sense of Mystery is Enhanced…
    …Congrats x 100 on Ur ARC Blog!…


    1. no windows in that horrible wall, the light is THE LIGHT – and the mysterious portal is the written word not the blue door which remained closed…


  2. Hi there, this post reminded me of the man who wrote “Eternity” on walls in Sydney (Australia) over several decades. The word was eventually written up in his handwriting style in lights on the Harbour Bridge for the millenium celebrations. Interesting blog, thanks.


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