Scanner 3 – YES

Scanned collage with found words and wool – by clinock.

Why use a scanner? I have an old Epson 2580 flat bed and years ago a friend and I played with it using dried flowers (Scanner 1). We really liked the results but never pursued the process. I recently came across the scanned flower photos and because I was looking for a different medium to use I started playing again with possibilities, wanting to incorporate text. Now I am hooked. I like the transitory nature of the medium, its simplicity compared to photography and the challenge of the shallow depth of field. I can move the objects around taking as many preview scans as necessary until I am satisfied with results. Mostly I prefer to work with ‘what you see is what you get’ but occasionally I change the original using the simple image editing available with i Photo. Obviously I could obtain more sophisticated results with Photo Shop but I am, at present, more interested with the basics and what can be created intuitively on the glass surface of the scanner deck. The main challenge now is incorporating the text. If I write on paper its opacity restricts layering. I am using sheets of acetate to write on and this seems to work well. Any other ideas out there?

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