3 thoughts on “Scanner 2 – A Blue Balloon

    1. Well, yes and no. Yes because in all of my text/art work I want the text to be an intricate part of the art, not a separate layer, and I want the art to be part of the text, not an illustration of it. This means that I choose to sacrifice the art and the poetry as autonomous entities in order to create a hybrid form. When the fusion of letters, words, colours, textures and line is successful it should give the viewer a similar feeling to that of trying to recall a dream upon waking. Also, my hope is that the viewer becomes more involved in the artwork by trying to see the obscured words and then filling in the holes with their own words. Having said all that I also need to add that the new Scanner Explorations are exactly that – experiments in a medium new to me. So each of my Scanner postings for awhile will be a mixture of YAY and OOPS. Thank you for your comment Sharyn, as you see it got me thinking that perhaps I need to write about my work more when I post it, especially experimental stuff. Would you mind if I did so using your comment and my answer?


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